No animals were harmed in the making of this…

4070654377_d8ef45e741For the last seven years I’ve been a vegetarian. Ironically it all began on thanksgiving when my dad decided to make the turkey dance before we all say down for dinner. Thankfully, being from Portland, the vegetarian culture is great. I never struggle with where to eat, and the restaurants that I do choose to eat at are always full of wonderful options. I’ve chosen this as my topic because I feel that people aren’t as aware of the copious veggie restaurants as I am and I’m making it my duty to educate those around me. Vegetarianism means not eating meat, but it also means not purchasing any animal products. Not only are there an abundance of vegetarian restaurants and grocery stores in Portland, but boutiques as well! Being vegetarian is so much more than just not eating meat.

Some of my favorite vegetarian things:

1. Great for recipes:

2. More recipes!

3. One of my favorites in Portland: Food Fight is a vegan grocery store located in in SE Portland. They have everything from soy milk to condoms to junk food. Anything your little heart may desire with no animals harmed in the process.

4. One of my favorite vegan blogs is Stumptown Vegans. This blog was started by two vegan friends who wanted to spread the word about their favorite vegan restaurants in the Portland area.This website is fully equipped with pictures of delicious meals, educated reviews, and on top of that, you can search by what you’re craving.

5. Something that I just discovered, uh, about five seconds ago, is a vegetarian/vegan cooking school! Vegan Fusion is a company whose goal is to promote the vegan lifestyle.

Recently an article was posted on Oregon Live, raising the question of whether or not Portland will be able solve the hunger crisis, as while it’s the best place for vegetarians, it’s also the worst place for the lower class. I find it interesting that Portland has such an amazing food culture, but such a huge hunger problem. It seems ironic and avoidable, and clearly not enough is being done about it.

Portland was also named as the second best place in the United States to live if you’re a vegetarian by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). So if you’re as disgusted by meat as I am, or if you just need a change in diet, head on up to Portland and see what all of the hype is about!


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